Monday, October 5, 2009


My dear GDSBPM friends.
I want to talk with you by heart.I am talking about a common GDS BPM not our leaders . I feel that a golden chance is going from our hands.last time when we striked in dec.2008, some people from gov./dept. side promissed us to solve the problems and our leaders were very happy and impressed and called strike off.they told us that the target had achived.we were happy and waiting new sallary . a month passed,then the next also passed ,third , forth .. .. and at last a year passed. by passing time ,all things were gone in air.
AND we begging unions to talk again.three to four month the EC put the election mean time, the dept. and the unions showed big activity. and told that the delay was only due to the election commission 's code of conduct.after it, the new govt. tooked place and everything was normal. but now the activity had changed into deep sleeping.
After a year,our unions waked up and told us to standup and struggel for our demands.
AND we were ready for 7 oct.
but a unbelievable decison has come among us.we have some question infront of JCA and all our unions because they lead us, represent us infront of GOVT./DEPT.
1.the govt/dept. didnot showed even a single point infront of any union.yet it has been passed by cabinet till 1st oct.
2.the cabinet passed either Natraja or Gopinath committe ,but our demand is 'the modification' in that comm.because maximum points were negative like pro-rata pay ,discrimination of bonus,and most important to except a 'civil servant'.
3. the gov./dept. didnot show any interrest to immplement or to talk .
4.JCA called off strike by only hearing a statement in a local tamil channel.
5.the most important that the jca will meet on will consider the issue ,which the cabinet has passed on 01-10-09,in other words the gap between two dates is very much. an another month will go without progress.
so at last I came at the conclusion ' there is not a single body who can talk with govt. by heart and truth.we are depend only ''by chance''.
at the end I request you to write comments or email about articals. I shall also welcome to your suggestion. thanks.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


My dear friends gdsbpm.again ,a strike is ahead on 7th sept.2009.our complex unions appeal all of us to participate in it.i hope all of you will help our leaders to solve the problems.
but I appeal our leaders to stand on our demands .we are all with you.Last time our strike has been passed but our leadership has been failed to get benifits.they called strike off without getting in written . so I beg to all of you to tell here all the causes which you seems are responsible for failing our strike in dec2008.

I feel you understand my subject.